Vicky Flint and Dental Hygiene Haven

Vicky Flint in a Treatment Room

Hi, everybody!  I am Vicky Flint, an experienced Dental Hygienist in Fort Collins, Colorado.  After over 25 years of practicing in a variety of dental offices (gum disease specialists, general dentists, and cosmetic dentistry), I opened my independent practice because I wanted to give you customized appointment times and customized treatments.

Clients tell me I am:

  • High-Quality — very thorough
  • Gentle!
  • Imaginative – both in finding solutions for challenging teeth cleaning cases and in customizing your at-home tooth and gum maintenance routines.

Allow me to introduce myself and answer your questions.




When asked why she chose to be an independent dental hygienist, Vicky explains: I don’t like having to push patients through, just to get to the next one. In short, it’s time to do it in a more relaxed and calm environment, giving people the time they need to be truly heard and cared for.


Bob Proctor with Vicky FlintWhen not working, I enjoy outings with my husband Bill Flint, a retired Fire Captain, who is now a Business Consultant.   I love to hike in the Colorado mountains, go for long bike rides, and knit and crochet. I also love to meet new people and to go to seminars — I LOVE to learn!

Photo: Vicky Flint with Speaker and Author Bob Proctor