Sadly there are a lot of people where going to the dentist isn’t usually high on their list of things that they look forward too.  I know for many people it’s because they fear the pain.  For others, It’s not the pain that bothers them, but the potential judgement. Folks should frequent their dental hygienist for their services not their worthless judgments.

Sadly there may still be some old-school dental hygienists around who see “lecturing” and negative remarks as a good way of frightening people into compliance. But this has become increasingly rare. Please don’t be embarrassed. Yes, it sounds simple but it’s what we do. I have seen it all before, and there is no reason why I would judge you for it. We dental hygienists are there as learned practitioners. You’re not embarrassed to take your clothes to the dry cleaners, even though your clothes are very dirty are you? You take in your clothes, they dry clean them and you’re good to go again. As dental hygienist, we have chosen to see and treat patients within this specialized area of medicine; no judgments, just patient focused dental health.