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My sensitive teeth have never liked any sort of cleaning or dental work, but Vicky made the whole process enjoyable. . . . my teeth are happy! I appreciated and enjoyed learning about how to take care of my teeth and WHY. . . more than just brush-n-floss. . . and Vicky was able to explain it in an understandable way. Thanks!

Eric Powers

Smithtown, NY

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Bill F.

Vicky is amazing. Not only is Vicky a very talented dental hygienist, she is also very caring and compassionate.

Angie Shilaty

Loveland, CO

Great service – painless & educational also! Enjoyed the experience – will definitely use Vicky again.

Ron Martinez

Fort Collins, CO, Ron Martinez, the guy who “doesn’t write testimonials!”

Welcome back! It’s great to have you back.

Gary Calderone

Fort Collins, CO, Vicky’s patient since 1983

Such a gentle, relaxing and very informative experience. I will return and recommend Vicky to my friends and family. Thank you.

Linda Martinez

Fort Collins, CO

And then there’s Vicky Flint, the nicest hygienist in the world. I call her ‘Victory Vicky’ because she gets the job done better than I’ve ever had previous to meeting her. So Vicky, thank you. You personify what my sweet husband told me once long ago. “Better to do a few things well than many things poorly.” Keep doing what you do so well – always.

Jan A.

Fort Collins, CO

You make this as pleasant an experience as it can be. You explain everything as you go, which is helpful. You were thorough and encouraging.

Marilyn Sprague-Smith

Jamestown, NC


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